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Nine Shift: Work, life and education in the 21st century

Co-authored with Julie Coates

“Fascinating.” - BBC
“A most interesting book.”  - Peter F. Drucker

In just twenty years, some 75% of our lives will change dramatically. We know this because it happened once before. Between 1900 and 1920 life changed.

Discover each of the major nine shifts currently taking place and find out the implications for your work and personal life.
For more, see:  http://www.NineShift.com.
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Nine Shift work, life and education in the 21st century

Teaching Online

More than 4,000 professors and teachers have used Teaching Online as the text for learning how to teach online. Now in its Second Edition.
"A must read for anyone interested in the power and the future of online learning and teaching." Jan Wahl, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.
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Teaching Online Book Cover

How to Teach Adults

More than 100,000 sold, making it the most popular book on the subject ever published.
"A marvellously comprehensive and practical guide to teaching adults." Allen Tough, author of The Adult's Learning Projects
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How to Teach Adults Book Cover

Learning OntheNet

The only book with original research for students and others interested in learning online.
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Learning On the Net Book Cover

The Successful Presenter

For presenters and those conducting one-time only workshops and sessions.
"A lively, information, concise discussion of how to create an effective presentation. Excellent and to the point!" Susan Sarfati, Executive Vice President, Greater Washington Society of Association Executives, Washington, DC
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Energizing the Learning Environment

Some 25% of learning is dependent on the physical environment.
"Draves, the master of practical approaches for teaching adults, has done it again." Noted adult educator Jerry Apps, author of Mastering the Teaching of Adults
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The Free University: A Model for Lifelong Learning

The history of a movement that changed education and lifelong learning forever.
"A more timely book I cannot imagine." Malcolm S. Knowles, the father of modern adult education.