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"A world class speaker." Maureen Geddes, Vice President, Ontario Speakers Association

"So good I started applauding half-way through." Dr. Janet K. Lewis, Office of the Executive Director, South Dakota Board of Regents, Pierre, SD

"Excellent. I felt as though I were in church - - I kept wanting to say Amen. It is the right message!" Dr. John R. Loch, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio

More than 200 presentations, keynotes, speeches and seminars in Australia, Japan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, England, and throughout the United States and Canada.

Sample Keynotes

New! Smart Boys, Bad Grades Why only 35% of college students are men
One of the most serious educational issues of our times, only Wm. A. Draves knows why only 35% of college students are men, and what to do about it.

A scanned image of the article "Smart Boys, Bad Grades" as published in the July 2002 edition of the American School Board Journal can be found here. ( Please be patient as the images load )

Your Pyramid is Collapsing
How the workplace and organizations of the 20th century are now dysfunctional and crumbling, being replaced by a more efficient and effective workplace for the 21st century.

How the Internet is Changing How We Learn
Half of all learning in the 21st century will be online. Come discover how the Internet can deliver cognitive learning Better than face-to-face classes, and how we should be learning, teaching and delivering education to meet the needs of today.

Nine Shift
Between 1900-1920, the whole world changed. It is happening once again, between 2000-2020. With stories about the Wizard of Oz; Frankfort, Kansas; and The Gibson Girl, Draves illuminates the present by taking you back to the time of your great grandparents.

William A. Draves

Recent Presentations (selected)
  • 10th Annual Lifelong Learning Symposium Conference, Takamatsu, Japan (first foreigner to keynote the conference)

  • Inter-state Federation of Postgraduate Education, Moscow, Russia (only foreigner to address the conference)

  • Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, San German, Puerto Rico

  • Universidad de Autonoma, Guadalajara

  • 16th Annual Distance Learning and Teaching Conference, Madison, Wisconsin

  • American Council on Pharmaceutical Education, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Colorado Continuing Education Association

  • Professional Convention Management Association annual conference, Nashville

  • American Society for Training and Development annual conference, St. Louis

  • National Community Education Association annual conference, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • American Association for Adult and Continuing Education annual conference, Philadelphia, PA

  • Minister of Higher Education, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Online Learning annual conference, Los Angeles

  • Also available for seminars on marketing, teaching, online courses, needs assessment, and other topics.

    For Speaking Engagements
    Contact William Draves via email at: draves@lern.org